Intel® Nervana™ Neural Network Processors
Purpose-built training and inference products for complex deep learning at massive scale and efficiency.
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Intel AI at NeurIPS 2019
Intel is a top sponsor of the 33rd annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), a leading machine learning and computational neuroscience conference. We'll be presenting our research efforts throughout the week in workshops, papers, poster sessions, talks, and demos.
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Intel AI: Data-Center to Edge course
Learn how to train and deploy deep learning models using the Intel AI portfolio.
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AIDC Summit Series '19
No matter your current AI skill set, attending an Intel® AIDC Summit, with free hands-on workshops, can make your next project a success.
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Nauta is an integrated deep learning (DL) platform built on Kubernetes, and includes carefully selected open source components and Intel-developed custom applications, tools, and scripts—all validated together to deliver an easy to use, and flexible deep learning environment.
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Fighting Cancer Differently

After surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation didn't work, Bryce Olson went outside the lines to fight his cancer. Genomic sequencing pinpointed the genesis of his disease, leading to the right treatment at the right time. Intel and the Broad Institute are accelerating the compute-intensive biomedical research behind precision medicine and AI-based discovery.


Better Racing for Driver and Fan

Ferrari* and Intel are collaborating to improve the driving experience using AI techniques to better synthesize data.
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Personal Finance

Making Personal Finance Easier

The Clinc* AI genie “Finie” helps simplify personal finance for customers.
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Advancing Brain Research

Intel Labs and Princeton Neuroscience Institute are using AI to enable neuroscientists to map the human mind in real time, unlocking secrets on how brain activity affects learning, memory and other cognitive functions.
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Protecting Ocean Health

Intel is collaborating with Parley for the Oceans to use AI to analyze whale health in a mission to protect the world’s oceans.
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Expanding Entertainment

Computer-generated characters with astonishingly human resemblance, interactive exhibits that evolve from audience interaction, and art that responds to peoples’ emotions are just some of the new AI film innovations.
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More Industries

Solving Business Problems

AI is transforming industries by spotting financial fraud, identifying manufacturing errors, diagnosing heart disease, finding missing children, and optimizing crop yields.
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Built for AI, Designed to Scale

Move your model from workstation to cloud to device using the right hardware for each job and software that speeds the way.
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AI Reshaping Industry

Early detection of tumors. Predicting equipment failures before they happen. Having a natural conversation with your home or car. Making retail more personal than ever. This is Artificial Intelligence powered by Intel, and companies around the globe are using it to make money, save money, and advance the future of their industry.
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Research Spotlight: Intel AI Lab

Intel AI Lab is the newest research formation at Intel. The team consists of experts in machine learning and deep learning, data science, and neuroscience. Our academic collaborations keep us on the cutting-edge of research in the field of AI and our industrial partners enable us to discover how to apply AI to real world problems.
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