AI Insights Faster with Dell EMC Ready Solutions powered by Intel

AI in a box? An “easy button” for deep learning? Sounds great – but unrealistic, right? Organizations want to take advantage of the data they’ve amassed for valuable business insights, but may be daunted by the cost and complexity of integrating artificial intelligence into their existing IT infrastructure. Fortunately, Dell EMC has developed Ready Solutions for AI that give businesses all the tools they need to get started quickly. These pre-validated, integrated hardware and software solutions offer a streamlined, simplified path to AI deployments. The newest member of the Ready Solutions family, Deep Learning with Intel, was just announced at the ISC High Performance event, and is powered by Dell EMC servers and networking, new 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, and Nauta, our recently released open source platform for distributed deep learning training.

We created Nauta from the ground up with the goal of making deep learning more accessible. Nauta supports multi-user environments for model training distributed across multiple Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors in a single system. Developers can bring their own data and share their work via public or private folders to make collaboration among teams easier. Results can be viewed and monitored using a command line interface, web-based UI, or TensorBoard*. For scalability and ease of management, Nauta uses components from the industry-leading Kubernetes* orchestration system for containerized machine learning that scales easily.

Combining Nauta’s capabilities with Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI gives organizations everything they need to accelerate their AI initiatives. But wait – there’s more! According to a recent UBM report, “By allowing IT professionals to use the Kubernetes tool they are familiar with, Nauta lets them quickly and cost-effectively meet AI infrastructure needs.” In fact, the Deep Learning with Intel design can provide twice the compute time and 10x the storage capacity with lower TCO compared to running the same workload in the cloud, according to analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group. [1]

In addition, all Dell Ready Solutions have been pre-tested and validated for their targeted applications, use cases and workloads. Ready to get started? Dell EMC’s consulting services can help customers implement and operationalize Ready Solution technologies and AI libraries, and scale their data engineering and data science capabilities. Find more details about the Dell EMC Ready Solution Deep Learning with Intel platform here and explore how Nauta can simplify the process of running DL training experiments on Intel-based platforms. Follow us on @IntelAI for the latest happenings from Intel’s AI team.

[1] ESG Technical Validation Report sponsored by Dell EMC, “Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI: Deep Learning with Intel,” April 2019. Model uses a 12- compute node CPU configuration and four compute nodes with GPU accelerators configuration. Actual results may vary.