As budgets grow tighter, Intel AI can empower government agencies and their partners to do more with less. Combined with deep learning, satellite images and overhead video can unlock new possibilities in defense, disaster response, and mapping. National laboratories and research institutes can make breakthrough discoveries, leveraging datacenters and high-performance compute that are optimized for AI and has the sophisticated memory to handle unprecedented amounts of data. Learn more about efficient, scalable Intel AI.

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Bringing (Artificial) Intelligence to Washington, D.C.

Bringing (Artificial) Intelligence to Washington, D.C.

On November 7th [2017], Naveen Rao, Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s Artificial Intelligence Products Group traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in a public panel of thought leaders to discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) is positively impacting our lives and society. Later he met with policymakers about the current reality of artificial intelligence, to address concerns, and describe how public policy can enable further technological advancement.

Changing the AI Policy Game Requires Changing the Rules

Chairman Hurd’s House Oversight and Government Reform’s Subcommittee on Information Technology has scheduled a hearing on artificial intelligence for Wednesday, Feb 14 [2018] at 2 PM EST. The hearing is aptly named “Game Changers.” There’s no question that AI will be a game changer; the question is, what kind?

Changing the AI Policy Game Requires Changing the Rules

Intel-powered AI Helps Find Missing Children

Artificial intelligence can shorten the time it takes to get a lead about a missing or exploited child to the right authorities.

Intel Recommends Public Policy for Artificial Intelligence

Intel Recommends Public Policy for Artificial Intelligence

The computational advances of the past few years have enabled a new era of innovation – one in which machines can analyze vast amounts of data and find useful insights in that data. This is Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the proliferation of large data sets, computers can now solve problems that previously required human intervention.