By extracting valuable deep information from within mountains of data, AI is helping to do things like solve highly complex medical challenges, advance scientific research, and better predict events and human behavior.

The promise of AI in healthcare and life sciences is profound. It can help physicians and researchers prevent disease, speed recovery and save lives, by unlocking complex and varied data sets to develop new insights. AI can speed genomics processing and make medical image analysis faster and more accurate for personalized treatment. It can also be used to detect and correct massive waste, fraud and abuse in healthcare spending.

What happens behind the scenes with telecom and over-the-top (OTT) service providers makes a big difference in our lives every day. Machine learning techniques can increase network and operational efficiency to meet rising service level expectations while simultaneously reducing costs. With real-time data analytics, telcos also get insights on how to offer better services and even capitalize on new technologies like virtual and augmented realities.

The retail industry is in an incredible time of disruption—and opportunity. AI technologies are finding and correcting massive amounts of inventory distortion and internal loss, while making supply chains and product development incredibly efficient. They’re also analyzing vast data lakes of customer buying behavior to present us with personalized shopping experiences in real-time, both online and in-store.

From machine learning that renders the most lifelike virtual creatures in seconds, to natural language processing that localizes content for audiences around the world in a fraction of the time, AI is speeding media creation and delivery to multiple platforms in the most visually rich and personalized way yet. AI is also creating new avenues for media companies to save money and offer new services, using image recognition to better index valuable content archives for licensing. It can even help build models that predict end user interest in related content and drive future purchases.

When financial services and insurance companies can see patterns in dynamic data, they gain a substantial edge over the competition. Deep learning can turn massive sets of unstructured data into valuable intelligence to help predict risks, enhance automated trading, detect money laundering and spoofing, and protect against cybersecurity threats. As a result, companies can capture higher returns and lower their risk exposure. Learn how Intel AI can unlock the potential of data.

As budgets grow tighter, Intel AI can empower government agencies and their partners to do more with less. Combined with deep learning, satellite images and overhead video can unlock new possibilities in defense, disaster response, and mapping. National laboratories and research institutes can make breakthrough discoveries, leveraging datacenters and high-performance compute that are optimized for AI and has the sophisticated memory to handle unprecedented amounts of data. Learn more about efficient, scalable Intel AI.

The energy industry is undergoing a massive revolution. As customer expectations rise, energy providers must determine the best ways to balance supply and demand while ensuring reliable transmission. Machine learning can help them stay on top of predictive maintenance to maximize uptime at generation plants, find problem areas on distribution lines using overhead images, and spot usage trends using smart meter data. Discover how Intel AI will power this future.