Research Residency

In 2018, Intel AI Research is inviting a select group of applicants to join its research labs in California for a one year residency to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence.

Residency colorized

Our residency program offers a unique combination of cutting edge research with a commercial understanding of technology development. We apply research across the whole AI solution space to solve real world customer problems that require us to build new paradigms of compute.

Residents will get to work on a range of projects that align with their interests from silicon to machine learning algorithms to large-scale AI system deployments and everything in between. We want them to embed in our organization and make meaningful contributions to research (including publications), open source projects and technology built by our global engineering teams. We are entrepreneurial by nature and hope our residents will share the same initiative and passion for building, innovating and challenging themselves.

By the end of this program, residents will gain a systems-level perspective on AI and will have interacted closely with world class research teams across Intel in addition to our academic and corporate partners.

While our residency is one year, it creates a long-term path to collaborating with Intel. Residents will make connections, acquire knowledge and gain experience that elevates their career in both research and technology.

Program dates: September 2018 to August 2019

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