Intel and Ziva Dynamics: Powering the Animation Revolution

Legendary Pictures’ Pacific Rim: Uprising* is a sci-fi action thriller in which giant robots battle giant space creatures, called Kaiju, amidst a sea of destruction. As the much-vaunted sequel to Pacific Rim, this action-packed film was released to wide admiration for its special effects. Creating animated characters like the Kaiju that look realistic is a challenging task, as any visual-effects (VFX) studio will tell you. And considering the sheer size of these creatures, DNEG—the VFX studio in charge of developing the animations for Pacific Rim: Uprising—had some real challenges. Creating any animated creature is a time-consuming process that requires massive amounts of work. Then, having them move in realistic ways presents a whole new set of challenges. Multiply that by the Kaiju characters’ sheer size and any discrepancies come front and center.

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