What happens behind the scenes with telecom and over-the-top (OTT) service providers makes a big difference in our lives every day. Machine learning techniques can increase network and operational efficiency to meet rising service level expectations while simultaneously reducing costs. With real-time data analytics, telcos also get insights on how to offer better services and even capitalize on new technologies like virtual and augmented realities.

Data Plane Development Kit

Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) greatly boosts packet processing performance and throughput, allowing more time for data plane applications.

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Intel® Ethernet Network Adapters, Controllers, and Accessories enable agility within the data center to effectively deliver services efficiently and cost-effectively.

Intel® Open Network Platform Server

Intel® ONP Server is a reference architecture that integrates open-source and hardware ingredients optimized for SDN/NFV. This reference architecture eases solution development and accelerates SDN/NFV adoption and deployments in telecom, enterprise, and cloud.

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Search and browse Intel processors and chipsets by platform code name, brand name, application, or release date.

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Technical Resources for Designers, Engineers, and Developers

Market-Ready Telecommunications Solutions

Find optimized and market-ready Telecommunications partner solutions tailored to help support your AI deployment needs.

Cross-Industry Solutions

Find AI solutions that support a wide variety of industries and include offerings such as data labeling, vision analytics, PDF mining and more.

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Read Solution Briefs and White Papers for Telecommunications that help you develop and deploy AI solutions.

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Network Infrastructure Solutions from Intel

Imagine your new center of possibilities with an intelligent, programmable, and scalable software-defined infrastructure that can transform your network end-to-end from data center to device.

Taking Telecom to New Heights with Artificial Intelligence

The challenges reside in handling higher volumes of data and extracting actionable insights while improving network efficiencies and lowering operational expenses.

Transforming the Network Edge Enables New Breakthroughs

Verbio Solution Brief

Verbio uses network edge servers based on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with optimized software to maximize performance and take advantage of reduced latency, enabling breakthroughs in near-real-time speech analytics.